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Practical FM Database (Table) size limits?

Question asked by disabled_morkus on May 6, 2012
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Practical FM Database (Table) size limits?


I've read that a FM database can be huge. 8 TB. OK.

But, stipulating that there are TONS of variables that affect the answer to the following question, how big can a FM database be before it (realistically) gets bogged down (slows down)?

100,000 rows?

1,000,000 rows?

I have a i7 2.8 mac with 16 GB RAM and I was just wondering if anyone had any metrics based on databases they use or maintain.

I have a customer who has 500,000 rows in a legacy customer table i would like to bring into FM.

Reading reviews of FM (even 12) in PCMagazine, they ususally say it's for "small company databases". Not sure what they really mean by that given FM's impressive capabilities.

Look forward to any info here.

Thanks in advance.

- m