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    Pre Sale Enquiry



      Pre Sale Enquiry


      Hi All,

      I don't know if this is the correct place for this, but hopefully one of you can help...

      I am looking for a CRM system for Mac, and think I may be better off making my own in FM8. I am on a mac, and understand that the changes to the mac calendar and contacts have caught some developers off guard and they are not comaptible with CalDAV

      Is Filemaker 8 Pro able to sync data with the latest versions of iCal & mobile me so it syncs to iPhone, iPad etc.

      Any help appreciated,


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          If this is a "Pre-Sale" question, the version of FileMaker avaialable for sale is FileMaker 11.

          I can't answer your specific question as I'm not a Mac user. Hopefully someone else who is can answer that.

          You may want to also download the 30 day free trial to better evaluate for yourself whether FileMaker will work for you.

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            Sorry, it is FM11 (I have a software synth from NI called FM8 Duh !)

            I have downloaded the 30 day trial (got 18 days left), and their contact management database pack. It looks really good, and the special offer on until mid June with the iphone/ipad version makes it really affordable.

            But I need it to sync dates with iCal & integrate with email and contacts. With the new Mac framework for these does it sync easily ?

            I don't need to know how to do it - I'll work that out whilst I'm learning the program - I just don't want to buy it, spend time learning it and then find out it doesn't do it. All I need to know is does it do it (if you see what I mean).

            Any Help appreciated.


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              If you don't get an answer here, you might try calling FileMaker's customer support line. (see contact support at the top of this screen) I doubt that they will charge you to answer a question of this type.

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                Thank you for the suggestion.

                I have just spoken to support and they cannot tell me if it will or won't sync with iCal. Apparently they think I would need to use a script or a plug-in, and they understandably won't commit to it working with a third party plug-in.

                I'm tempted to buy the software anyway, rather than a dedicated CRM system, due to the configurability and all the other things I can do with it.

                I'll keep digging until the trial runs out, but if anyone has made this work I'd be grateful to know it's possible.


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                  On option is to not use iCal at all but use FileMaker for your calendar. You can then use FilMaker Go on your iPhone or iPad to use this same database file as on your computer.

                  You can also do a web search for Filemaker Plug Ins and see what is offered. You may find that a developer has produced exactly what you need for syncing with iCal.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion - found one here:


                    Really appreciate the assistance. Now to damage the credit card ! Laughing