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pre-determining if relationship record exists

Question asked by jfalberg on Feb 5, 2013
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pre-determining if relationship record exists


     In an effort to save some response time, I am preloading into my results tab which displays in a portal all my records from the answer table and showing details of each record the portal is looking at.  One of them is a 1 to 1 relationship with answer & CFQCase which at least gets retrieved automatically for the first record of answer only.  What I want to do is if I scroll from the first records to the next or any other in the list, I want to at least perform a check (probably add a calculation field on answer) to determine if the corresponding CFQCase record already exists for that selected answer record.  If it already does then do nothing, otherwise perform a script to call the external web service to retrieve the necessary records associated with CFQCase and other related tables.  Since my established relation is Answer.MessageNumber = CFQCase.MessageNumber I wonder if it that easy to determine the CFQCase record does indeed exist using a calculation field on the Answer record.