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    pre-determining if relationship record exists



      pre-determining if relationship record exists


           In an effort to save some response time, I am preloading into my results tab which displays in a portal all my records from the answer table and showing details of each record the portal is looking at.  One of them is a 1 to 1 relationship with answer & CFQCase which at least gets retrieved automatically for the first record of answer only.  What I want to do is if I scroll from the first records to the next or any other in the list, I want to at least perform a check (probably add a calculation field on answer) to determine if the corresponding CFQCase record already exists for that selected answer record.  If it already does then do nothing, otherwise perform a script to call the external web service to retrieve the necessary records associated with CFQCase and other related tables.  Since my established relation is Answer.MessageNumber = CFQCase.MessageNumber I wonder if it that easy to determine the CFQCase record does indeed exist using a calculation field on the Answer record.


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               If you have this relationship:


               TableA::matchField = TableB::matchfield

               Then, from a layout based on TableA, this expression is true only if there is at least one related record in Table B:

               Not IsEmpty ( tableB::matchfield )

               You can actually refer to any field in TableB that is not empty for any given record in that table. The matchfield is never empty so it makes a good choice for this expression.

               If matchfield is of type number, you can simplify that expression to:


               To get exactly the same results

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                 So far so good. Now to best figure how to determine whether or not an external file exists or not.  My current logic compares record count but in this case I don't have that ability so I was wondering if there is a better method to determine if an external file (ie.  aciadmin.an0) truly exists without attempting to import.


                    Exit Loop If [file exist is true]

                 End Loop

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                   What kind of "external file"?

                   A FileMaker File?

                   A File to be inserted in a container field?

                   A File from which you will import data?

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                     An xml file from which I will import data, which is essence is my response file from an external web service.

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                       Ah yes, something we discussed in another thread...

                       I wonder if FileMaker can "see" that file if it is in the process of being downloaded, but the download is not yet complete. That's not something that I can test easily on my system.

                       FileMaker can check the list of files in a folder if the enclosing folder is inside the documents folder. There are a number of plug ins that can list the contents of any folder on your computer and there are ways to use a system script to list the contents of a folder. The details of the last option depend on the OS that you are using.

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                         I ended up changing my net framework program to build the file with a different extention, then rename it once it was completed so I don't attempt to import from an incomplete file, so I'm good for now.