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Pre-populate fields after custom dialog box

Question asked by specpharm on Jan 19, 2010
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Pre-populate fields after custom dialog box


Hi Everyone, 


Okay the problem is this. I have a form that includes customers' first and second names. These fields are dropdowns and are validated only if taken from value lists on the customer db. You can't enter new customers straight from the form, but instead I have an 'add new customer' button that runs a script. The script includes the custom dialog box that inputs the first and second names into the customer db, thus making it possible to find those names on the dropdown. 

The stupid thing is that the user has to type in the names once again after the dialog box has closed. I want to find some way of pre-populating the name fields on the active form with the data that was just inputted via the custom dialog box. I've tried the Set field function and Copy and Paste too, but I just get error messages saying that the target record is not related or that it can't be modified because it's already being modified in another window (which it isn't, as far as I can tell.) 


Anyone got any ideas?