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    Pre-Sales Questions



      Pre-Sales Questions


      Ok here is what im looking to do....and whether Filemaker can do it...



      Looking to create a company global database (all Departments)


      Key Field will be client membership #..this is the field that all departments will use to identify clients...so this number will be input to bring up data..


      then based on department, database will retrieve and show all information history regarding that client relevant to the department...users will only be able to see information based on thier authority levels....


      then users can input new data and attach files such as pdf's to client files.....


      this would need to remain department relevant and only visible to permitted users....


      reports then can be run on a client membership number by supervisors or executives showing all information....



      can filemaker do this??? or do you have more questions as to what im trying to accomplish???



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          Howdy Mohawk24,


          FMP can do this...I do this now with FMP.


          Keep in mind that FMP comes as a blank page with some basic starter dbases as demos to tailor to your needs.  While FMP can do this, you'll have to "train" it how (i.e. build the functions into it).


          Not knowing your level of Dbase experience, and assuming that you have none with FMP else you wouldn't have asked your question, you might also want to consider bringing in an FMP developer to get you started/finished.  It is often cheaper to pay more for high expertise than to take longer learning to do it yourself.


          The decision will be yours of who builds your solution, but:

          A) FMP can do this, no problem.

          B) Think about getting a leg up by bringing in outside help.  (mentioned so that you can include it in the business case to your bosses, as appropriate).


          Hope this helps!