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    Pre-sales questions for FMP 10



      Pre-sales questions for FMP 10


      I've been using Macintoshes since 1986, and I'm thinking about getting some software upgrades (including MacOS 10.5) and maybe including the purchase of Bento or FileMaker Pro with them. I'm posting here today to see which of these apps would be able to address my needs.


      Since the mid-1990's, I've been using MacEnvelope Professional from Synex. Synex stopped supporting MacEnvelope Pro years ago, and I don't think the company even exists anymore. It is the last software I use in MacOS 9 "Classic" mode on my iMac. I still use MacEnvelope Pro in "Classic" mode on my iMac to print out lists of mailing labels on Avery-5160-style sheets of 30-up each (1-inch-by-2-5/8-inches). MacEnvelope Pro had a great feature: you could arrange print jobs for lists or for duplicate labels, and you could specify which label on the page the print job would start on. (Starting on column 2, row 5, for example) This eliminated waste. I could also repeat labels to create sheets full of return-address labels.


      I also still use AppleWorks 6 to create business cards and other duplicate media using the Database module. AppleWorks had a template set up where you could create a free-form business card, DTP-style, and then it would print out 10-up sheets (8371-style Avery cards).


      One thing I've found frustrating about Apple's Address Book in MacOS 10.4.x is that if you create a special Group and you include entries that have no e-mail address, then try to bulk-send a message to the Group using Mail, Mail will screw up every time and try to send e-mail to the Group entries that have no e-mail address.


      To quote Steve Jobs, one more thing... I was wondering if anyone uses Bento to record databases like GPS coordinates, and then interface that information with common Mac software for GPS. I do not yet own a GPS unit, but I am consdiering possibilities. I would also like to know if such databases can be linked to iPhoto images and their Places feature. Has any inter-application communication like this been accomplished by Bento users, or would FileMaker Pro be necessary?


      Or, to cover all my points, should I be looking at Bento or FileMaker Pro overall for these kinds of tasks?


      Thank you



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          Thank you for your post.


          As someone who used to moderate the Bento forum, I don't recall anyone using Bento to record GPS coordinates.  However, you may want to ask on the Bento forum (forums.filemaker.com).  I don't know what GPS software you want to use, but Bento does export to a few file types including comma-separated values (CSV) and tab-separated values (TSV) text files.


          On a side note, Bento does not have the ability to print labels.  Bento integrates with Address Book, and relies on Address Book to print labels.


          Since Bento integrates with Address Book, you can create a Group in Address Book, and it will appear in Bento as a Collection.  The reverse also holds true.  That is, you can create a Collection in the Address Book Library, and a Group will be created in Address Book application.  This way, you can search for all records that contain an Email, put that found set into a Collection, which creates an Address Book group.  Then, when you email to the Group in Address Book, there will always be an email address.


          FileMaker Pro does a LOT more than Bento, but FileMaker Pro will not integrate with Address Book application.


          My advice would be to download a free 30-day trial of Bento from our web site and see if it works for you.  You may also want to download the trial version of FileMaker Pro, too, but be prepared for a higher learning curve.



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            MacEnvelope Pro does offer an export option for FileMaker Pro; I assume that it exports to a FileMaker 1995-vintage format.


            Will FileMaker Pro be able to do the label-printing task (the 30-up labels, picking which row and column to start on) that I now do in MacEnvelope Pro? (See the URL link in my first message for an image of what that looks like).


            Thank you again,



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                 Not out of the box. You can design layouts and scripts in Filemaker to do this if you invest the time needed to learn how to do this.