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Preferences: Best Practice

Question asked by obidon on Jun 26, 2013
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Preferences: Best Practice



     I have been using a table 'system preferences` to set system preferences across my solutions.  The table contains user data such as Company Name, Logo etc etc.

     Originally I used a single record with a simple key (1) and linked to this table in a traditional relationship.  The table has sometimes been in the form of an external file.

     More recently, I have changed preferences to contain global variables.  The benefit is that my table stucture is much cleaner. There have been problems however.  If the file is hosted using FMS, global fileds can only be modified on the server.  Changing via an FM client has no affect.  

     I am also uncovering problems with Mirror Sync.  It doesn't like globals.

     Any thoughts or feedback on which is the correct or best practice are greatly appreciated