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    Preserving Found Sets


      Preserving Found Sets


           Does FileMaker have a script, function, or "something" that returns the current found set of records from a table?  It seems to me that, if there are script steps called "Show All Records" and "Show Omitted Only", there should also be a script step called "Show Found Set".

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               The found set is simply the current group of records, the sort order and which of those records is the "current record" for a given table occurrence. All layouts based on the same Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? will share the same found set within a given FileMaker window.

               Show all records produces a new found set, a found set of all records in the table. Show Omitted Only will swap the found set for all records not currently part of the found set producing a new found set of all the records that weren't previously in the found set. Do a second Show Omitted Only and you return to your original found set so long as you have not done any other actions (such as omitting a record) to change the found set.

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            Thanks for the reply.  I’m reading through everything I can find about table occurrences, including the tutorial you refer to.  Frankly, the concept of table occurrences is not exactly an intuitive concept and I’m struggling getting my head around it.  I guess I don’t understand why a selection of records should have anything to do with a layout.  I view a layout as simply a scheme of displaying records on a screen or piece of paper.  I guess I’ll have to modify that idea.


            Years ago I built several applications with 4th Dimension; not simply called 4D.  4D has two features, sets and named selections, that were very handy tools for defining sets of records that could be used in various ways.  I was hoping that FileMaker offered similar structures, but apparently not.


            Well, it’s back to table occurrences.

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              I view a layout as simply a scheme of displaying records on a screen or piece of paper. 

              A layout IS a method for displaying records on a screen and/or for printing. But the Found Set is what determines which records out of all the records that exist in the table, are visible and will be printed at any given time.

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                     Thanks for the further comment.  After spending some time learning what I can about the nature of table occurrences, I realized that the problem which motivated by initial post was not related at all to my query.  How often that seems to happen!  However, in the process of sorting it out, I've learned about another topic (table occurrences) which I expect will come in handy in the future. 

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                       Most people find the concept of Table Occurrences confusing at first, but if they persevere, the light bulb lights up and they have an "aha moment" where they suddenly are able to better understand how many different parts of the FileMaker Database system function and how they might then manipulate things to get what they want. wink