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Preserving Text Formating within XML Export

Question asked by thuidor on Mar 1, 2010
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Preserving Text Formating within XML Export


I am using Filemaker Pro ver. 10.0v1 on Mac OS  10.5.8 and can not figure out how to retain the text formatting within the database (i.e., italics, bold, etc) when exporting to an XML file. The database is being hosted on a server over an internal network but is not being published to the web via IWP or CWP.


In other words, I have a database filled with data that I would like to export into an XML file and want to retain all the formatting that has been applied to the data within Filemaker. Currently, when I export into an XML file all the bold and italics formatting is lost within the new XML file.


When exporting the data I check the option for "Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data" however this does not appear to do anything.


I am an experienced user of Filemaker and know my way around the app fairly well.  Am I missing something here?