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    Press button menu, play especific sound



      Press button menu, play especific sound



           Is there anyway or plugin that i can use to play a sound(mp3, wav, mid), everytime a press button?

           If i press button exit, it plays a recorded voice: "exit button"

           can it be done in Filemaker?

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               i want to know too

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            Maybe I can help.

            What i've seen is that the discription Apple gives of the goto field script simply is not correct. It simply does not work and it should be classified as a bug.

            I found a workaround however, a bit messy, but it does the job just fine.

            Use the following script steps on a container field and make sure the container that holds the soundfile is (hidden somewhere) on the actual Layout and is set to automatically play.

            Create the container, name it "Click" (Both Field name and Object name) and use the following script to play the sound it contains

            Script steps:

            Set Error Capture (On)
            Perform Find (don't search for anything, don't add search options)
            Refresh Object ("Click")
            Goto Object (Click)

            That's it, you should hear the sound each time you run these script steps.

            Don't ask me why this works, it just does.