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    Press cancel button script



      Press cancel button script



           I've got three files I need to convert but have a dilemma. I have created a script to convert the three files but the files are inter-dependent in that fields connect one to the other.  If I convert file 1, it needs 2.fmp12 - problem is that hasn't been created yet by converting so I get the dialogue box to point to it. If I press 'cancel it will continue without that file then convert file 2 and make 2.fmp12 then move onto file 3.

           All I want is a means to press the cancel button in my script. Any ideas? I've tried Get(ErrorCaptureState) in an IF statement but not sure how to say 'if error, press cancel button'.

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               What problem is solved by using a script?

               When manually converting files, (You are converting FileMaker files from an older to a newer version?), you can resolve this issue by selecting and opening all three files at the same time.

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                 Hi Phil,

                 It's taking info from an older system (fp7) and until I put the new system inlace, I need to convert these info files on a regular basis to get the latest info as I develop. A script just makes it quicker by button-pushing when I need

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                   I think setting up the script will take longer than doing this by hand. You simply do this:

                   a) Open FileMaker 13

                   b) Pull down the File Menu and select "Open"

                   c) find your files, select them as a group and click Open

                   That's it...