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    Prevent creation of new records?



      Prevent creation of new records?


           I'm using a layout that has a few portals on it (sort of like a dashboard),  The problem is that whenever a new record is created (let's say a new order) from the orders layout, a new record is created on my portals layout.  I end up with numerous duplicate records, but each record contains the same portals with the same information in it.  Is there any way to lock the layout from creating new records? I essentially only need 1 record for this layout. Thanks

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               It sounds like your layout refers to the same table occurrence as your orders layout. Thus, any time a new order is created, you see the same new record on both layouts. If you prevent the creation of new records on this layout, you also prevent the creation of any new orders--not a good idea for your business!

               You'll need to base your layout on a different table and modify your portal relationships to work from this other table or table occurrence.