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Prevent duplicate entry in a related table

Question asked by JerryKallam on Apr 13, 2014
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Prevent duplicate entry in a related table


     I have two tables in a Horse Show Management program.  Base Table is "Entries" and the related table is "Horse".

     While in the entries table I want to add a duplicate entry trap script that prevents the creation of duplicate records in the "Horse" table.  I want to use a script rather than relying on Filemakers validation scheme.

     So far I have created a script that triggers when user exits the related field entry_HORSE::HorseName on the main entry screen.

     Most of the posts I have read on duplicate entry traps either use the Filemaker validation scheme or use the lookup function with a self join to the original base table.  My problem seems to do with the fact that the field is in a related table and I have yet to figure out how to script this when involves a related table.