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Prevent editing in a drop down list

Question asked by mmccarty on May 21, 2012
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Prevent editing in a drop down list



I built a database that tracks memos for my office.  The list of possible authors is a drop down list of everyone's name but the information is saved as their usernames because that is the key for the Staff table.  I use a drop down list instead of a pop up menu because the secretaries complained that the pop up menu took too long to scroll through the long list of people.  The drop down list has a scroll bar so it is much faster.  However, the drop down list allows secretaries to type in the field.  And no matter how much I tell them not to, people will sometimes type a person's name instead of finding it on the list.  This causes problem because the name they type is not the username thus doesn't support a relationship between tables.

I would like to continue with the drop down list because pop up is just way to slow.  Is there a way that I could prevent users from typing in the field?  I was thinking some sort of scrpt attached to the On Object Modify script trigger but maybe there is a simpler option.  Perhaps the field just needs to be configured to not allow typing and I'm just unaware of how to do that.

Thanks in advanced for any ideas!