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    prevent multiple entry through import



      prevent multiple entry through import


      Hi there,

      I have been using FM5 for several years and I am now kind of new to the new features of FM11

      Is there a way (or a script) to prevent FM to create multiple (double) data entries during importing process? I have 2 copies of the very same database hosted on 2 different computers; an office server (file a) and my laptop (file b).

      Whenever I work off-line I have the problem of having to synchronize the 2 databases as soon as I have access to an internet connection again. A regular import procedure would produce a huge deal of double entries in (file b).

      Is there a way to let FM import only the data that has changed since the last import?

      If not, I can still import all the data on (file b), but then I would need to eliminate multiple entries (repeated data)  Could not find any usefuly help on-line, which is kind of unusual, as I cannot be the only one with this problem? Am I beeing blind?

      Thanks for your help

      PS: using synchronization software is unfortunately not an option (firewall issues)