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    Prevent users from changing check box



      Prevent users from changing check box


      FM10 - I am trying to prevent users from changing "Committed" records in my Change Order database.  I can successfuly lock users out of most fields by intercepting with an OnObjectEntry script trigger.  However, check boxes still can be changed despite the script.  Has anyone found a way around this?

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          Still on FMP8, but wonder if this would work...


          Isn't there an OnObjectModify trigger that could be used?  If you modify it, and the resulting value is null, then you know that the box was unchecked...use SetField to recheck it.

          Seems a little hokey, but might work.


          If not, the old transparent button trick, or making the field a button, could trap this out also.  The button would run a script of


          If ( IsEmpty (Field) )

               SetField [ Field ; checkedvalue ]



          Now clicking the button on a checked box would do nothing.  But clicking it on an unchecked box would check it.


          Just thinking out loud...

          (What happens when the box SHOULD be unchecked?  How would you do that?  Admin layout?)

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            If you can set up a field that identifies all your committed change order records, it would be better to use access privileges to prohibit editing the record. That's how we keep employees from accidentally editing an invoice record after it has been printed.

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              Yeah, I thought of that too but limited my approach to the question asked.  Thanks for adding on.


              Once an order is "committed", you can lock the record from further modification through A&P.  An overseer/manager/admin could remove the committed check, but the user could not change ANYTHING on the record as long as the box is checked.


              If this is what fits the system, I agree with phil that it should go through A&P for record lockout.  If it's just the box itself (what good would that do alone?), A&P doesn't have field level lockout.