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preventing a calculation running when a field is empty.

Question asked by capnahab on Jun 10, 2012
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preventing a calculation running when a field is empty.


I have to measure two volumes before and after removing some of the volume, calculate the proportion removed as a percentage and keep track of the average amount removed.

I have a calculation that assesses how much the volume has changed as a percentage after some is removed.

((first volume - second volume) / first volume) x 100

I then have a field that tells me the average volume removed  for all the records. Currently I have many records that haven't had the procedure that removes the volume so the second volume field is empty. Currently my calculation ( which may need modification) calculates with the second field empty and a result of 100% ( first volume - 0 )/ first volume) = 1 , the x100 = 100% which is the volume remaining. Should really be zero of it was the percentage removed. 

First , I am a bit confused about the calculation and may well have got it wrong.

Second, I would prefer the calculation not to run until both fields were complete as it is having an undue influence on the average.

I know you can specify the calculation not to run in the manage database dialogue 

'do not evaluate of all reference fields are empty' , but can this be done if only one field is empty ?. Currently the calculation is assuming the field is zero rather than empty.

many thanks