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    Preventing a layout from printing.



      Preventing a layout from printing.


      Hi, did a quick search and couldnt find an answer, i have a database with various layouts, including a 'Print" layout that has the specific fields we want printed

      for customers, we also have an "Artwork Archive" layout that has sensitive information in certain fields such as wholesale price, we dont want to print these

      records in this layout. So I want to control the database so that records in the 'Print' layout can be printed, but when they are open in the "Artwork Archive" they

      cant be printed.


      Is this possible? 

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             They can view them, but not print them?
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            I may have missed your point but if you select the items you don't want to print then go to the Format menu, select set sliding/printing  you will see there is a check box marked do not print selected objects.


            If I have missunderstood what you need there may be a couple of other ways to achieve what you want.


            Another field can be added which covers what you want to hide, if the fill pattern is set to transparent you will be able to see through it. use conditional formatting to add a fill colour to this field when you want it hidden.


            You can also duplicate whole layouts and remove the sensitive information from one of them, now control who sees or when the layouts are shown using scripts or account privileges.


            I hope this points you in the right direction or at least gives you something to think about.



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              I think you have missed the point, its not objects within a layout I want to prevent being printed, its the whole layout. In the database, each record has 3 layouts, the 'Artwork Archive' layout is the master, we dont want this to be able to be printed, the 'Print' layout is the one we want to print to give a copy to customers, and there is a 'Label' layout we print to attach to the works which is like a large price tag with selected info from the record.


              Account privileges only seem to allow me to allow/prevent users printing the entire database, not selected layouts.

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                If you don't want any users to be able to print the layout:


                Enter layout mode.

                Press ctr-a (windows) or command-a (Mac) to select all objects

                Select sliding/printing from the format menu and select the "do not print..." check box.


                Printing from this layout will now produce blank pages.


                (Note: there is no way to prevent a user from making screen captures of this layout in browse mode to get around this restriction.)

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                  Thanks Phil, that will do the trick, its not a question of users getting round the restriction, just a matter of preventing the printing of the layout with sensitive info accidentally and not noticing.


                  You solution will achieve this perfectly.