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Preventing changes within a portal?

Question asked by JacquiDominguez on May 8, 2011
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Preventing changes within a portal?



I am new to these forums, but not new to FM (though I am far from an expert!)  I could use some help!

I am designing a simple little database for the counselors at my school to use.  They are not very tech savy, so I am trying to put in safeguards to prevent them for accidentally making changes to data.  What I have is a database with all the seniors in the school with a related table listing all of their courses.  As the seniors near graduation, it is important that we know which students are on track to passing their courses, and which are not.  Teachers will be sending spreadsheets with this information that we will be uploading to the database. Each courses is marked as either "Will Pass", "Will Not Pass" or "In Danger of Not Passing".  During the next month, students will move from "In Danger" to either passing or not passing.  Teachers will be sending updates, so we need to update the database. Simple enough.  However, I want to make an extra "layer" if you will...I would like to lock the portal on the main screen and force the counselors to go to an alternate screen to make changes (just though pushing a button)  My thought is that by doing this, the counselors will be less apt to accidentally change a course status.

Sorry for the long explination, but is there a simple way to lock down either a portal or a whole layout?  I can't seem to find one.