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Preventing Duplicate Entry

Question asked by BrianChase on Sep 29, 2014
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Preventing Duplicate Entry


So I've got a very basic CRM solution that I've created in FMP13 and I love it.  When I started out, I had only a test database with people I was actively working with and knew well.  Now that I'm expanding (rapidly) and over the course of several weeks, I'm inadvertently putting people (first name, last name fields) in that already exist.  Problem is, I have nothing preventing this from happening so the same record can exist twice, it's just issued a different pk_ID.

Is there a way to have the program prevent duplicate entries somehow?  Maybe a calculation field of first name, last name and email address are the basis for that.  Seems pretty simple.  Email address might be the easiest way.  It will almost always be unique and I only allow for one email address in the database.