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Preventing Duplicate Portal Row records automatically

Question asked by LiamNeville on Mar 21, 2013
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Preventing Duplicate Portal Row records automatically


     Hey guys,

     New to Filemaker, and enjoying it as frustrating as it can be.

     I have a database for a media company where you add crew to a shot you are working on. I have a set up some checkboxes and radio buttons that can automatically add crew into a portal row. For a simple example...

     checking '3D Animation' will add the crew members '3D Animator' & '3D Lighter'.

     checking '3D Object' will add the crew members '3D Lighter' & '3D Modeler'

     It is possible that a scene will have both  '3D Animation' &  '3D Object', but i don't want '3D Lighter' to be added twice.

     I have gotten it to remove the duplicate portal row using a self join relationship and a validate property, using the principles here ( But the problem is that it only removes the portal row after validation. (which i sped up using a on modify commit record script trigger on the portal pow).

     I've also tried this technique without 100% success (

     What would be ideal is if i can get the portal to check other rows and not add the other crew member at all, avoiding dialog boxes, and validation.


     Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.