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preventing duplicate thru portal

Question asked by baztown on Jul 1, 2012
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preventing duplicate thru portal


i'm new to Filemaker and to databases.

Im working with a realtionship database for a small museum.

Im working on a sample database, one table is 'names' the other 'artifacts'

I created a portal under the artifacs table that pulls the name table information . I would like to create a way to input names etc thru the artifact table, so that when new items are aquired we shouldnt have to input the reated names thru the name databse, we should be able to input that information  thur the artifact table via the portal.

1) is that wise?

2) i created a drop down (from the name table) so that we should pick any current name rather than creating a duplicate name. But every time we click on a current name thru the dropdown it creates a duplicate and a new ID under  the name table  , how can i avoid that?