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    Preventing field access on 'closed' records



      Preventing field access on 'closed' records



      I am a volunteer working on a database for a non profit organization offering transportaion services for medical purposes & meals on wheels etc.

      Each record has fields including Customer name, Volunteer name, destination, miles travelled , cost of service & so on.

      Once the service has been done and paid for it is 'closed' ( in a status field )

      I need the information  available for statistics purposes but I would like that it be impossible to make changes to any of the fields and also impossible to duplicate the entire record once it is closed.

      I am a beginner if filemaker and would appreciate any help you can give me.


      Thank you

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          Have you worked with Manage | Security at all yet?

          If you have used Manage | Security to set up accounts for your users, you can use record level access control to make all "closed" records read only while new records not yet "closed" can still be edited by them. We use this method to keep employees from editing invoice records after they have been "printed".

          See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a detailed description of how to set this up.

          If that is not enough to get this working for you, feel free to post back with follow up questions.

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            Thank you very much.

            Works great.. Now I have another question..

            Once again our organization offers a number of service. For each one, there are clients and volunteers.When i built the database; it did not permit me to have more than one service associated with volunteers and clients so I have now many table occurrences of clients and many of volunteers.

            expl  Clients (meals on wheels) & Volunteers (meals on wheels ) associated to that service.

                   Clents (transports) & volunteerss (transports) associated with that service.

            and so on as we have many more services.

            My question is this. Is is possible to make a report that what tell me how many different services each client took part it and how many of each of these.

            and the same thing for the volunteers.

            I tried relating my main  clent table to the others doing the same for the volunteers but I couldn't get anything to work.

            Any help is appreciated. PS A few months ago I posted a question about my database freezing. You posted a response and you solved my problem there as well.



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              I'm not sure that I can accurately picture your table structure and relationships.

              Do you have a table for each service or one table for services with many table occurrences of that services table?

              Is Meals on Wheels one table and Transports a second table? or are these two occurrences of your services table?

              I would seem you need something like this:


              This matches up one client with one instant of service when assisted by one volunteer. A Field in ServiceLog would identify the kind of service provided (meals on wheels, transport, etc.) That may or may not work for you as you may have multiple volunteers assisting the client in providing a specific service. (Say you have a delivery driver and an assistant for meals on wheels.)  Or multiple clients assisted by the same service. (We have mini-vans in our community that transport folks in need to nearby metropolitan areas for specialized medical care not available locally.)

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                Sorry for the delay.

                I do not think I was clear so I will try again.

                I have a database with a table for Clients and a table for Volunteers.

                These clients and volunteers either receive or give services.   Transports,   meals on wheels,  vaccination clinics,  home visits,  etc

                Each of these services has a table as well

                The way my database is built ( and I am not certain this is the best way ! )

                 see image

                So my question was. How can I get a report at the end of the year giving me the following:

                Client # 1  received  x number of services from MOW   and   x number of services from  transport   and  attended x number of vaccination clinics    and 0 (if the case may be ) home visits.


                At the same time I would like a report for the volunteers giving me:

                Volunteer # 1   delivered MOW x number of times,  did X number of transports,

                Did 0 (if the case may be ) home visits and helped at  x number of vaccination clinics.

                 I do not know if this is possible or if there is a better way of creating this database but any help is greatly appreciated.





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                  The point I was trying to make was that separate tables for each service is unlikely to be the best approach and was suggesting that you change the structure to track all services in a single table.

                  Staying with separate tables will make your report very complex and difficult to produce.

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                    I will try what you suggest for our next fiscal year.