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Preventing Instant Web Publisher from popping out of frame

Question asked by dataman2 on Jul 22, 2009


Preventing Instant Web Publisher from popping out of frame


We want to keep the instant web publisher contained within a frame. We are setting up a private web with Mediawiki 1.15.1 and want to use a few simple solutions provided by 8.x for time tickets (billing) and expense reports for a few employees who work remotely. We don't want them to leave the wiki and get confused on how to return. When we put the instant web published databases within a frame, it pops out to the top frame when it loads, and they don't want to (too lazy) to right click to get to a couple databases. We've agreed to keep it within a frame on the wiki, but can't seem to keep it from going to the top. Is this within a java script or html page? We've used 5.0 with web companion and some custom search and entry pages, but the web solutions out of the box with 8.x are near perfect and easily configured for what we want. I've been promising the boss for some time to get this fixed and am now just getting around to it. I should think it's just a simple java setup somewhere.


Version 8.x


Is this even possible?


Suggestions? fmi_iwp.js changed somehow? can I keep it in a _self or _parent frame? A parameter that can be passed with the load? HELP!!!!!!! I'm sure it's a simple thing but can't afford too much time to spend on it.