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Preventing modification of imported data

Question asked by sccardais on Mar 29, 2014
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Preventing modification of imported data


     If the "Prevent modification of value during data entry" checkbox is checked in the Options portion of field creation, does that prevent the field from ever being modified in all situations?

     We import customer surveys to a Surveys table. We never want the contents of these fields to change. The Surveys table also contains fields that we populate that describe the Surveys and flag them for follow up.

     The original fields and the ones we populate are mixed on some layouts. We want to be able to search on the original values. I know the data tab of the Information panel has a checkbox preventing field entry in browse and find modes.

     I want to be absolutely sure than these original, imported values can never be changed. Will checking "Prevent medication of value during data entry" guarantee this or is there a better way?