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Preventing multiple sessions per user

Question asked by deltatango on Jan 24, 2010
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Preventing multiple sessions per user


I need to modify an existing database as I have discovered that individuals are sharing passwords. This wreaks havoc as multiple people log on with the same username and then no one knows who really did what in the audit trail.


I'm wondering how to lock FM down to 1 session per user.


Here is what I have come up with:


Set a script to run at login that queries a table called "sessions", for example, which holds the field "username". If the username queried brings up a record, show them a warning and close the file. If it doesn't, create a record with the current user. When the user logs out, delete their session record.


The only time I'd see a user getting locked out is if there is a power failure and the file doesn't shut properly and so the session record is not deleted. But then I'd probably be called to get the power on again so I could delete the sessions table then. :)