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      What the heck is going on. I have a DB with 170 records. I have a record I want to send as a PDF, but each time I click the preview button it shows the very first record, not the record I am on. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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          When you print or save as PDF, you have two options: Records being browsed, and Current Record.

          If you select Records being browsed, you print/pdf all the records in your found set--which could be up to 170 records in your case.

          If yo select Current Record, you print/pdf just the current record.

          Note that you do not have any way to select either option when you enter Preview Mode. Instead, Preview mode assumes that you will print/PDF with the Records being browsed option and thus previews all the records in your found set starting with the first record. If you click the book control that moves you forward and back 1 record at a time in browse mode, you'll move forward and back one printed/PDF'd page at a time while in preview mode.

          I can suggest two ways to deal with this issue:

          1) Just use the book control to find the page with your current record.

          2) Isolate your current record in a found set of a single record before previewing it or sort your records to make your current record the first record.

          Here's a simple way to isolate the record in a single user system. It can be done by hand or in a script:

          Show All Records
          Omit Record
          Show Only Omitted.

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                 Hello again PhilModJunk :-),

                 I had exactly the same problem and your suggestion solved it.

                 It's not exactly the intuitive way to do this and nowhere in the manuals or in the references is there any hint to that extent.
                 This is probably a very common issue for everyone wanting to print a certain record.
                 Of course you can click your way to the correct record, but that shouldn't be how it is by default.
                 Took me hours to get here!

                 Would you please let the responsible people at development and at documentation please know, to keep their eyes open for such obvious issues?
                 Either such issues should be avoided by default or the documentation needs to contain an easy-to-find comment explaining what you did.

                 Great support work, thanks!