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    Preview blank, record won't print



      Preview blank, record won't print


      Hi and HELP!

      I have a database file I have been using for years. It is an invoice file, I have quantities, description of the job, unit price, and total price with a grand total at the bottom. Today I added another line for a product at the bottom, and now the invoice will not print. I checked the sliding printing to make sure it wasn't selected, the preview shows nothing, and the printer prints a blank page. The file printed before I added the new line, what did I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached a screen shot of my file.




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          I added another line for a product at the bottom,

          Where is that "another line" in your screen shot?

          How is your layout designed?

          Is the a portal of line item records, a list view of the same, a set of repeating fields?

          Exactly what steps did you take when adding this new line to your layout?

          Are you printing by selecting Print from the file menu or do you click a button or otherwise perform a script to print your invoice?

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            Originally, I created the Qty 1, Description 1, Unit Price 1 and Total Price 1. (Total price is a calculation of Qty1*Unit Price 1) When I created the 13th line (the bottom product line), I went to the Define Fields, changed the name of the previous line from qty 12 to 13 hit create, same with the description, unit price and then used  the 12th line total to create the 13th and changed the calculation to Qty 13*Unit Price 13.

            I am using Command P to print, checking the preview (which shows a blank page) and then printing. The other records in the file are printing.
            Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

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              What version of fileMaker are you using?

              Go To this layout and enter layout mode.

              Make sure you have the correct printer, page size and page orientation selected in printer setup.

              Do you see any horizontal dashed lines near the bottom of your layout?

              If you double click the "Body" part label for your layout, what printing options have been specified for this part? Is the "Allow part to break across page boundaries" option selected?

              A table of related records for the line items on your invoice, BTW, would make your line item data much easier to work with--but that doesn't explain why your layout no longer prints.

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                I am using Filemaker Pro 6. I do have 11 just haven't had time to start playing with it yet. Everything is set up correctly in the print set up, letter size, vertical. It works with the other records, just not this one...


                Dbl clicked Body label, only thing checked is teh word "body". Allow to break is not selected. I was going to attach a screen shot of the layout so you can see where the dashed lines are positioned but not sure how do do that in this window-it doesn't have a URL... There is a dashed line where the body label is at the bottom of the page, and one at the right-at 8.25 out from the left edge. All of the copy is to the right of that line.


                And I did this invoice before I knew much about Filemaker. It was one of my first projects. I didn't do a related record because our signs are so different so I created a calculation file that determines the sq foot cost of the material, and I can layer all sorts of different materials, such as foam core, hot or cold lam, etc into the costs for the unit cost. It allows me to calculate the internal material costs and external pricing. I am hoping to get into it more this year-if things settle down, and start reworking some of my database stuff. Will get lots more questions here I am sure! :)




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                  Please tell us anytime you post a question about an older version of Filemaker such as 6. There are many new features in Later releases that do not exist in your version so i could easily have suggested a fix that simply does not work in your version. That wastes both your time and mine.

                  I suspect that the height of the body plus the height of any other layout parts such as a header and/or footer now exceeds the printable height of the page for your printer. (The printal area of a page is how close your printer can print to the edge of a page.)

                  Try enabling "Allow part to break across page boundaries" and see what results you get.

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                    Sorry, I thought I had put that (version 60 in my original question. Been sending messages all over...


                    I tried that and still have a blank page in the preview and when it prints that record, I am going to try to remove what I added and see if I can print it...maybe try rebuilding permissions...