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Preview does not appear same as in Browse Mode

Question asked by TeagueParker on Aug 16, 2012
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Preview does not appear same as in Browse Mode


Hello, I really need help.  

Admittedly I'm not a FM power user, but have been using FM (and other DB's) for many years on a Mac.  Currently using FM12.  I can usually work through problems over time, but this one's got me baffled.  Lately when I go to generate a PO or an invoice everything looks and works fine in Browse Mode, but when I go to print in Preview Mode, it displays and prints some fields in my Footer with different information.  The data affected and displaying incorrectly is pulled in from another table using a related field. However this does not always affect every form within the DB and it also seem to be inconsistent as to when it happens.  I guess I'll just have to worry about the when and where once I understand the why. 

Here are some screen shot examples of Browse, Preview and Layout modes:


Browse Mode 

Browse ModeHe


Preview/Print Mode 

Preview Mode



Layout Mode

Layout Mode


Thanks in advance.  :)