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    Preview mode and Ctrl+ down arrow



      Preview mode and Ctrl+ down arrow




      My operating system is Windows XP.


      I use the admin account to open report.  My reports print 10 pages.  When I select the preview mode, I can see the first page and with the CTRL down arrow, I could see all other pages,


      I create a new user with different access.  In my data access and design, in records field, I choose custom privileges beacuse I don't give access to all records of my tables.  On layouts field, I also choose custom privileges for the same reason.  In value lists, I choose all view only and in the scripts, I select All executable only.


      When i launch the reports in the browse mode, with this user, I could see all the records for 10 pages.

      When I select the preview page, I could only see the first page and I can go further.  even with the CTRL + DOWN arrow.  The status bar is Lock and hide for this user.


      Do I miss something in my privilege set ?

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you can see all records for the limited access, then you have made all records viewable.  Instead, change it to Limited and enter the calculation for the records you want to filter.


          If the Status Bar is hidden and locked, you won't have any of the controls of the Status Bar.  Then, in Preview Mode, you will not have access to go to the next page.



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