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Preview Mode Does Not Show Correctly

Question asked by CourtneyTran on Jul 24, 2013
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Preview Mode Does Not Show Correctly


     I have a layout in table form that reports the total of donations I have per individual donor. I went ahead and created a button that pulls up this layout in preview mode and then gives me the print option to print this report.

     One problem, in preview mode, I cannot see even half of the table I created (so it won't print correctly). Besides extending the margins (which I've done), is there an alternative way that I can set up printing or preview mode so that I can see the entire document and print the entire document?

     Also, I've seen different online videos where preview mode can show the entire document with all of the records to be printed in page format, where you can scroll from page to page and see the entire report in preview mode before printing. So there was page 1, page 2, page 3 in preview mode of the entire table. How do I get that in filemaker pro? Or is that only a Filemaker Advanced thing?