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    Preview Mode Does Not Show Correctly



      Preview Mode Does Not Show Correctly


           I have a layout in table form that reports the total of donations I have per individual donor. I went ahead and created a button that pulls up this layout in preview mode and then gives me the print option to print this report.

           One problem, in preview mode, I cannot see even half of the table I created (so it won't print correctly). Besides extending the margins (which I've done), is there an alternative way that I can set up printing or preview mode so that I can see the entire document and print the entire document?

           Also, I've seen different online videos where preview mode can show the entire document with all of the records to be printed in page format, where you can scroll from page to page and see the entire report in preview mode before printing. So there was page 1, page 2, page 3 in preview mode of the entire table. How do I get that in filemaker pro? Or is that only a Filemaker Advanced thing?



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               It's not really an issue with your preview mode. Preview is correctly showing you what you will get when you print from this layout with your current settings.

               To fit more columns onto your page you must either change page size and/or orientation in print setup or you must redesign your layout to have narrower columns/smaller fonts in order to fit more of your layout on a page.

               It's not uncommon to have two layouts--one for browsing/data entry and one for preview/printing/saving as PDF with each layout customized to suit the needs of each task.

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                 Hi Courtney,

                 Instead of Table view, you need to use List view.  This allows addition of leading parts, grouping, summarizing and also can allow objects in the parts to slide and reduce if all that space isn't needed.  When you create a new layout, it will ask whether you want a report ... just follow the 'assistant' and it'll walk you through it.  :-)

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                   Thanks PhilMod. That makes sense. smiley

                   Laretta: I did try creating my reports using the assisted walk-through with the report layout. However, I would like to also be able to do it from already existing layouts that I put in list or in table view.

                   I went ahead and went into list view and created subsummaries when sorted by full name. Afterward, I inserted a part for a trailing grand summary. I wanted this trailing summary to calculate my total donation amount, however, this field is grayed out in the selection menu. Why is this? I have a "part" for a trailing grand summary but I cannot select the field that I want it to summarize.

                   I went ahead and went to manage>database and then found the field titled "donation amount" to check and see if it was in number format, and it is, so I know that is not the problem.

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                     You will need to go into Manage > Database and create a new field - a summary field.  Set it to be 'total of your Donation Amount'.  Then put this new summary field in your grand summary and it will total for you. 

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                       Thanks Laretta. smiley Unfortunately, I did create that field (a summary field) but it is still grayed out. Hmmm... sad I'll see if I can figure it out...



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                         It's greyed out because that's not where you select fields to add them to the layout Part. Click Ok to dismiss your dialogs and use the field tool from the status tool bar at the top of your screen to add the field to you trailing grand summary.

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                           Thanks Phil! Thanks Laretta!

                           I was able to generate the reports exactly the way I wanted them from what I've learned. yes

                           The issue now:

                           I've created three separate layouts, one that reports total donations per donor, one that reports total donations per year, and one that reports total donations for each fund we have.

                           The problem is, and I don't understand why, when I change the formatting of one of the formats, the other formats change too!

                           I am baffled because each of these layouts were created separately. They are not duplicates of one layout that I altered. They were each created one by one, their fields added, etc.

                           So, for example, when I alter the "total donations per individual" layout so that it reports donations per individual, my "total donations per year" layout  shows total donations per individual as well instead of the way I had originally formatted it to reflect total donations per year. Why is this happening and how do I stop it?

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                             I believe that you used this question to start a new thread. See my response there.