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    Preview Mode help



      Preview Mode help


      I have a layout I specifically made to print out on one page. It contains several fields and portals which are all within the print margins in layout mode. 

      When I go to preview mode they are all mushed together with portals and layouts overlapping. it doesn't look like the layout view.

      why does this happen how do i fix it?

      also at view 100% size 10 font prints out as size 16. 

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          ...and layouts overlapping.

          What do you mean by "layout"? You can only deal with one layout at a time in a given window so they can't get "mushed toether and overlap" Might these be tab controls?

          Do you have the same options selected in Printer setup while in preview mode that you did while in layout mode?

          Is the window itelf the same size? In layout mode, select one of these objects that appears mushed together and check the anchors specified in the Auto-sizing part of the position tab. Does it have just top and left anchors selected or might it have bottom or right anchors specified instead?

          While in layout mode, make sure that your tab controls and portals do not touch or cross the boundary between the header and the body.

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            I ment the Layout Objects (portals, fields, text boxes) where getting mushed together for my layouts when viewed in preview mode but they where not mushed together at all in layout mode.

            I checked the ankors, all of them where ankered on all four sides, i unchecked the bottome and right ankers and that seems to have fixed the problem, thank you.

            What did the ankers have to do with it? maybe i misunderstand how ankers on layout objects work in filemaker pro?


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              Whith all for anchors selected, changes in window size will stretch or compress the object. At first glance, this looks like a good way to make your layout such that it correctly "scales" to different window sizes, but in reality, it is difficult to pull off without the size changes of the various objects overlapping like this when the window changes size. If you select the bottom, right instead of top, left pairs, the object is anchored to the bottom right edges of the window and a change in window size will slide the object in an out, up and down to keep it at the same distance from the bottom, right edges of the window.