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Preview Page Count Problem

Question asked by JLG on Mar 15, 2010
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Preview Page Count Problem


What would cause the number of pages in preview mode to be different from the actual pages printed.  A script is used to calculate the first several pages that vary to determine the last several fixed page numbers.  It enters preview mode, goes to last page of the variable length section: for example it sees 3 pages (and that is how many shows up when debugging).  Following it sets a variable for the page count at 3, but when it actually prints, only 2 pages print (with all the information that was spaced into 3 pages in preview).  This only happens when a record has just enough lines to put it close to the page break location.  When the last page of the varying section is not close to the page break boundaries, everything is fine.  The first several pages are set to slide as they contain variable size fields.  I can go in an edit the footer to fix the problem temporarily, but when the variable length section changs again and gets near the boundaries, problem resurfaces.  Just wondering if there is some setting I am overlooking causing the variances between preview displayed pages and actual printed pages.




Filemaker 10.3 Pro & Advanced

Win Xp Sp3