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Previewing a set of E-Mails before sending

Question asked by JonasP. on Apr 9, 2015
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Previewing a set of E-Mails before sending


Hello everyone,


I'm currently working on a solution for a customerwhere they are able to send mass e-mails via FM13.

The big problem they have is, that they want to make sure, that the mails content is correct before they send the +500 Mails out. Therefore the procedure right now is to use the Mail Application without the dialogue and simply turning of the WiFi or Internet connection. Thereby the mails get stuck in the Outbox and can be reviewed.

Is there any solution which lets them display the Mails and flip through some of them before sending them out finally?

So far I was thinking about a calcuation field which interprets a Text Field with the sample-content of send-Mail window. Is there any way to parse a fromular in a regular text field and return the interpreted value?

Another Option I thought about is writing the content to an html file which can be viewed in a Media-Field.

For any suggestions I'd be glad.

(Setup: mainly Mac-Clients running Apple Mail , FMP-13 & FM-Server13, more then 1500 contacts in database, Scripting knowledge availbale)