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Previous and Next Image Buttons (redux)

Question asked by DavidRuggles on Jul 6, 2011
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Previous and Next Image Buttons (redux)


As I mentioned in my previous post Previous and Next Image Buttons I'm trying to implement previous/next buttons for images from a related database based on this post Portal with one container for multi images

With a little help I was able to get the image to display, but the next code isn't working:

Freeze Window
Go To Layout ["Photos" (Photos)]
Go To Record/Request/Page [Next]
Set Variable [$$PhotoID ; Value:Photos::id]
Go To Layout [original layout]
Refresh Window [Flush cached join results]

I can manually set $$ImageID to a valid id (for a specific record) and it will work, (i.e. Set Variable [$$PhotoID ; Value: 6]) but the above code always returns the first image. Any suggestions, or steps to troubleshoot?