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    Previous lay out



      Previous lay out


           Perhaps it has something to do with the translation, but this is what I want;

           Users can access a certain lay out, coming from different other lay outs. What I want to know is the lay out they are coming from. (Depending the lay out they are coming from, I can put things on and off). I was looking for an expression or Get function to get the previous lay out name. I can't find it (in Dutch).

           Is there an expression or function, or do I better use a global field where I store the last lay out name?

           Thanks in advance,

           Hans Lijnbach. 

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               On each of the layouts from which the user may choose to go to this layout, use a script to save the layout's name in a global variable. The OnLayoutExit trigger is one choice for this script, but you might also use navigation buttons that save the layout name and then change to this layout.

               Set Variable [ $$PrevLayout ; value: Get ( LayoutName ) ]

               Then to return to this previous layout, use:

               Go to Layout [ $$PrevLayout ]

               and select the "Layout Name by Calculation" option for this go to layout script step.

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                 O.K. Thanks Phil,

                 Is completely clear. I thought there might perhaps be an expression for this. But the "Set Variable" works just fine.


                 Hans Lijnbach.