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    Previous Screen Button



      Previous Screen Button



           I am looking to create a previous screen button. One that operates like the back button on a web browser. I would like the button to be useable from any layout and simply go back one layout/screen from the one you are on.

           Any thoughts on how to make this work?

           Thank you,


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               This can be done.

               Set up the OnLayoutExit script trigger on each layout to which users have access:

               Set Variable [$$Prevlayout ; value: Get ( LayoutName ) ]

               Use this step with your "back" button:

               Go to Layout [$$PrevLayout]

               Use the "layout name by calculation" option with this script step.

               Note, this only keeps track of the most recently accessed layout. Other, more sophisticated variations of this can allow you go to back through a "history" of accessed layout names.

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                 Thank you.

                 I am unable to set the variable for the OnLayotExit script trigger, i am getting an errorr asking for an operator in place of the semicolon. 

                 I would like to get to the more complex method of moving back through a history, but I do not know if I have teh FM skills to do so.

                 Thanks again.


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                   The dialog for setting up the Set Variable script step has three boxes. You put $$Prevlayout in the first box, Get ( LayoutName ) in the second box and you do not enter " ; value:" anywhere. FileMaker displays that additional text after you click Ok to dismiss the dialog for setting up the set variable script step.

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                     Thank you, Iwas trying to enter the value in the box.