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Previous versions of FM Pro 13 to do new install

Question asked by NathanVeitch on May 15, 2015
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Previous versions of FM Pro 13 to do new install


Hi There,

Can someone please send me a link to the previous versions of FM13. I need to do a fresh install for my client on his Mac and the only FM 13 Pro files I can find on the website is for the FM 13.0.9 update, with update being the key issue. We had a clean up of our software folders the other day and by accident the FM Pro 13.0.1 install file was delete for Mac. We have the Windows install file, but we only have the update files for Mac. I can try and get it from another client of mine but that is going to be a last resort. 

I have gone over the website and I can find the install files for FM12 and prior, but not for FM13. The only install file for both Windows and Mac is FM 13.0.9 update. I do understand that FM 14 is now the focus, but I still have a lot of clients who have just purchased FM13 and the page I got from FMI with the Keys on it only takes me to the security page with the 13.0.9 file on it, which doesn't help me.

I take it for FM to make the 13.0.9 file an install file and not an update file might probably be a mission, but please can they at least give us a way of getting FileMaker 13 onto our clients computers who don't have any versions of FileMaker already.