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Price Difference in Australia

Question asked by GarethForwood on Aug 7, 2010
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Price Difference in Australia


Hi there,

I'm really not sure if this is the right place to post this query, but I couldn't really think of where it should go...

I have been using a trial of FM Pro for about 3 weeks now, downloaded from the US site.  Based on the listed price of US$299, I decided to purchase it.  At current exchange rates, US$299 translates roughly to AU$325.  When I tried to purchase through the US site, it redirected me to the Australian site to complete the purchase with an Australian billing address.  However, the Australian price for FM Pro is nowhere close to AU$325, it is in fact AU$453 (or roughly US$416).  Now, I understand that for many imported products, a price increase is necessary to cover the extra shipping costs, government import taxes etc., but this is a downloaded product!  Our sales tax in Australia is currently only 10%, which, if applied to the full list price of FM Pro, is only US$30 difference.  The Australian price is almost 40% more than the US price.

My question, therefore, is this: Why is FM so much more expensive to purchase in Australia?  I would be happy to pay up to $350, but I think the price difference is just ridiculous!  Perhaps FM might like to reconsider its Australian prices.

I welcome any responses, especially from FM representatives.

Kind regards,