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    Price History



      Price History


           I think I am having a senior moment.  I have inventory records.  Originally I had the purchase price as a number field.  But I have decided I want to maintain a history of prices.  I think there might be a benefit when negotiating prices with a vendor.  I have added a related table of prices. 

           I have tied the two tables together with based on the primary key being the sequence number auto-assigned.  How do I get the parent record to show the price added to the PriceTable (child table)? 

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               A portal comes to mind. And you can use a date field to show when the price went into effect. Then you can sort your portal to show the most recently dated price record first. (And a sorted relationship can also be used.)

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                 I have a portal with a date field in the portal.  I need to get the new price into the field that was once the manual-entered price field.  There are other calculations that feed off of that field.  I just have some nagging feeling I am missing something. 

                 BTW, thanks for quick response Phil.

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                   You'll need to describe your design in more detail.

                   I'd guess you have something like:


                   And you need a new lineitem record to look up the correct price from pricing history.

                   If so, you can sort your relationship by date in descending order and then a looked up value or auto-enter calculation can copy over the most recent price from PricingHistory for that item selected from Products.

                   The main "gotcha" that can make this fail is if you set up a price change in PricingHistory in advance. In such cases, you have set up a different relationship using some additional matching to screen out prices that have not yet gone into effect.