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Pricing and Portals

Question asked by dinora on Apr 7, 2009
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Pricing and Portals


I am working with 4 tables


Suppliers -----<Join Table (Suppliers to Tours)>---------Tours


So I have a portal in the suppliers table where I can allocated tours to be supplied by supplier A


Each Supplier may have different prices for the same tour which brings me to my next table Pricing


So Pricing table has supplier id to be chosen tour to be chosen and then we enter the price -  The price has a validity date range Start date - End date


The question as follow


From the Suppliers Layout - I have a portal which displays pricing for all the tours that are allocated to Supplier A - regardless of whether the tour has pricing or not this is just to keep track of the tours allocated to supplier A


So in my portal I see -


Tour A

Tour B

Tour C


All three tours have been allocated to Supplier A and therefore display - This portal is coming from the Joint table where Suppliers and tours meet.  From here I can enter the pricing for each tour


What I want to do is set up a preliminary step in this portal where from a drop down menu I can choose the years and the portal displays data based on this


So for example


Jan 09  to Dec 09

Jan 10  to Dec 10


The portal should allow me to choose either of these two options

Choosing Jan 09 to Dec 09


Tour A $20

Tour B $40

Tour C (no price as it is a new tour) so I could add price if I needed to


Then Choosing Jan 10 to Dec 10

Tour A

Tour B

Tour C


All blank pending me to enter the info


Can I have a dynamic portal