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Primary key with more than one fields

Question asked by ShubhankarDiptiman on Aug 9, 2010
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Primary key with more than one fields


I am new to the file maker community .

I wish to make combination of two fields in a table as primary key ( unique ) .

I have SalesTable (Header) and SalesLines (Lines) .

SalesTable has SalesId as primary key (unique) .

SalesLines table has SalesId as a foriegn key and another field LineNum (Line number) .

 In SalesLines, I  wish to

1. Make the LineNum field auto entered from number 1 for a SalesId e.g.

SalesId           LineNum

SO001                 1

SO001                 2

SO002                 1

SO002                 2

SO003                 3

Line number once consumed e.g. in case a user deletes a sales line will not be used again for the SalesLines of that sales order i.e. if in above example if a user deletes the record for SalesId SO002  and lineNum 2 then LineNum 2 will not be created again for SalesId SO002

2. Make combination of SalesId and LineNum  as unique for SalesLines.

Pls help.