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primary keys, value lists, and importing

Question asked by Vicky on Sep 16, 2013
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primary keys, value lists, and importing



     I am trying to import files from excel into a database I created. I already imported the factories into the factory table, models into the model table, and have filemaker create serial numbers for them with no problem. On the model layout I have a pop up so users can select the factory that each model belongs to. When I imported the factories based on the match field of model, everything looked ok until I tried to use a find on the factory pop up. It could not find any records based on the factory I had selected. I realized it's because Factory::_pkFactoryID was not set in the model layout.  Is there any way to set the correct serial number for Factory::_pkFactoryID based on the factory in Model::_fkFactoryID or do I have to go through each record in _fkFactoryID and manually select each factory in the pop up so that _pkFactoryID will be set?