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Primary Keys/Secondary Keys

Question asked by MichaelLawrence on Jun 16, 2012
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Primary Keys/Secondary Keys


I'm somewhat new to FMP but I'm creating a somewhat simple customer/transaction database. I now know you can not simply 'set' a primary key in FMP but instead rely on unique auto-generated serial # by FMP. The issue I'm having is that my customer table is using a serial # as its primary key. My transactions table is also using a serial # as its primary key.

I was told and have read that when viewing the database relationships tab, the field that is in italics is considered that table's primary key. If that is true, my customer table and my transactions table both view the CustomerIDNumber field (originally created as the 'primary key' in the customer table) as its primary key. I have set the relationship as a one to many, and am confused as to why the Transaction table isn't viewing the 'TransactionIDNumber' field as its primary field.

My other question is I plan to create another table to be used in a subform and plan on using a combination of the TransactionIDNumber and Item number as a compound key. Is there any common sense that suggests not to do this?