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Primary/Foreign Keys--Numbers or Text

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 22, 2014
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Primary/Foreign Keys--Numbers or Text


     Hello forum (Hi Mr. Phil).  I was going thru my database, tidying up and noticed that some of the primary keys are numbers and some are text.  All the relationships work fine.  What I need is for the ID's to be 8 digits (to work with exporting to another system), so I set them up that way.  But, when I make a new related record (say from Customer PK# 00000123), it shows on the related record as 123.  If I change them all to text, will it destroy the relationship and the related records?

     I was going to make a copy of the DB and give it a try, and spend a lot of time checking it, but was curious if either a) it works, or b), don't do it.

     Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.