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    Print :: question::: FM 10 pro



      Print :: question::: FM 10 pro


      I have created a runtime useing Fm10 pro ... I want to print maps within my runtime and want to know how to disable the print Dialogue in windows ... So if I hit print  it will just print the map without the Print dialogue coming up ...Is there a script i can write or a setting i can change to make this happen???????????????? .....  

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          Both as a single step option for a button and as a step in a larger script performed by your button, you can select the perform without dialog option to keep the print dialog from appearing.

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            Phil ... can you explain a little more ..Im not understanding What you mean in your reply ...

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              1. In layout mode, use the button tool to add a button to your layout.
              2. The button setup dialog will open and you can select print as the action that takes place when this button is clicked.
              3. After selecting Print, you'll see a Perform with out dialog checkbox appear. Click it.


              You can also write a script that does more actions such as performing a find or changing layouts before printing. Adding Print to such a script also produces the same checkbox so that the script simply prints without opening the print dialog. You can set your button to perform this script instead of just the single print action.

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                ok I see that ... I got one more question on the printing of maps .. I have 20 maps ..which will display in a layout which get data from another layout in which I've put the map location in 20 diffrent fields  .. and it displays in a web viewer ...I want to print only the driving directions not the map ..its like in google maps when you hit print on the menu bar it will let you print only the driving not the Map .. how can I do that in file maker... When I set it to print a single buttton it print like a page print .. and only what is displayed not the rest of it when you scroll down to see the driving directions that are on the left of the page.. I want to write a script which will let me take the current map which is displayed go to another layout and display it in driving information only then print .. so that the map will not print just the driving Directions ...

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                  How are the driving directions stored? Is this data drawn from the website or data stored in your database file?

                  If from a website, can you display the directions in the webviewer the way you want to print them?

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                    data stored in a field text box .. That I put in a while back ...

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                      Then your script needs to change to the correct layout and record on that layout before printing. The exact details of how you pull up the correct layout and directions depends on the design of your database.

                      I can't remember if there are any limitations to using a web viewer in a runtime to access the web or not, but you can use fileMaker to interact with google maps to do this without having to create your own version in a regular FileMaker file...

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                        Im sorry ... it looks on the Web .. what I did is put the address into google ..then i choose print from the google menu and I copy'd the web address for text only and placed it into the data field in a layout .. then on another layout I have the web viewer display that field data in which I put in.. so when I click on the button in my map layout it displays that field that is stored in another layout .. and it will print if i use googles print button in googles menu and allow users to interact but it will bring up the print dialouge which is outside my run time kiosk software ..which builds up behind the runtime and slows my kiosk down.. if people print alot of maps ..

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                          If you are printing directly from the web viewer rather than using filemaker to print the layout on which the webviewer is located, then I don't think that there's a way to eliminate the dialog, but I could easily be wrong. That's something controlled by Google so you'd have to research their documentation for this site to see if there's a way to do that.

                          I'm wondering if you can size your web viewer large enough to show all the directions without scrolling the veiwer and then print from the layout instead of print from the web viewer.

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                            ok ..can you write a script that would change the web viewer locations in one layout ... 


                              Web viewer web address is there a way to write a script that could replace the web address in the web viewer setup if so .. I got the link that will only put text driving not the map in this .. and since I have 20 diffrent maps it would be easier if I could script change the web address in the web viewer setup .. Is this possible???

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                              I can only help you with part of this as I haven't needed to pull up the driving directions in the web viewer, I've just mapped locations.

                              Create a table (you may already have this) where each location is a different record in this table. Put your web viewer on a layout based on this table and set up the URL to use the address info from these fields. There's an example of this type of code that comes up automatically when you add a web viewer and specify google maps. To map different locations, just find the record for that location.

                              There are ways to point the web viewer at a text field and then use a script to assign different URL's to the text field, but that's a much more complicated way to do this for feeding different addresses to google maps.