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    Print all layouts into one PDF from pupils e-portfolio



      Print all layouts into one PDF from pupils e-portfolio


      Hi all

      let me introduce myself, I have been using FileMaker for number of years now and I work in a school where I have designed and put together individual e-portfolios for my students.

      Each pupil has his own individual FileMaker file for his e-portfolio, it is not link to a large database enabling my pupils to take away a standalone version of their work.

      The issue I have no problems in printing one layout into a PDF at 80%, I have done some scripting but I really out of my depth at the moment.

      I would like to print all layouts into a single PDF file which I can send to the awarding body enabling them to check pupils evidence in their e-portfolio.

      There is an additional issue in some layouts I have got a tab area which has a number of tabs which also needs to be saved as PDFs?.

      Sample of layouts

      To download one of the E portfolios click on the link below:


      Username : admin9999

      Password : admin9999


      Your help and guidance would be gratefully appreciated look forward to hearing from you



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          Let's figure out how much you can do and start from there:

          Can you write a script that saves a PDF to a specified location and file name?

          if not: see: Found Sets to PDF with unique file names

          Do you have a mac system?

          If not, you cannot save a PDF at anything but 100%. I'm not totally sure if you can save a PDF from a Mac system at 80% as I am not a Mac user, but they do have at least the ability to print at 80% so you might be able to do this on a Mac.

          The method that does work for both Mac and Windows is to make a copy of the layout and then modify the layout design down to the smaller size that you want. That's a lot of work for a detailed layout, but it works.

          To generate PDF's from a file with tab controls, you'd need to do so multiple times, selecting a different tab panel each time to make it the visible panel. If you give the tab panels object names a script can do this.

          Finally, you'll need a script that generates the original PDF as illustrated in the link provided and then uses the same $Path variable with Save As PDF to generate additional pages of the PDF, but which use the "append" option in this script step to append the additional PDF's to the original PDF.

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            Exactly what have you done/tried? 

            Seems like for the first part, a looping script with the script step 'Save Records as PDF' and using the option of 'Append to Existing PDF' would do the trick.

            The second part would be a little trickier and would require a loop within a loop-assuming the tab panels contain portals.  The inner loop would GTRR in a new window, and loop thru the records one at a time, then close window, next record, repeat.  Keep in mind you have to trap for no GTRR's or may find yourself  with the wrong records.

            If the tab panels do not contain portals and are just records on the same layout, you can still do a looping script , with set variable steps and/or create a new layout just for the PDF (keep in mind the fields don't have to show on the layout for set variable steps.

            And another method would be to explore 'Virtual List'.  This would also be a looping script that would compile all the records you want to save (already appended) to one field or one layout in list view, that you would then just Save Record as PDF.



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              First of all Phil would like to say thank you for getting back to me so soon

              The only two scripts I have only managed  isempty and go to layout, very limited,

              I have a Windows system, I tried printing out PDF file from the sample portfolio at 100% but I only got two thirds of the working area then I reduced it down to 80% which sorted out the problem.

              Using the top menu to print the PDF obviously only gives be one layout at a time.

              Reference a tab control area I did think this was going to be an issue but nothing what can be overcome.

              I’ve had a quick look at the link you supplied me, I need to really study and practice scripting now to achieve my goals.

              Thank you for your support Phil


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                Hi Steve

                Thank you for getting back to me so soon.

                I’ve taken on board what you have said Steve, I need to work through your suggestions.

                I'm going to make time to acquire sufficient knowledge of scripting enabling me to enhance the above portfolio.

                Once again Steve thank you for your helpand and I hope I can come back to you in future

                Many thanks