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Print all layouts into one PDF from pupils e-portfolio

Question asked by BrianLang on Jun 12, 2015
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Print all layouts into one PDF from pupils e-portfolio


Hi all

let me introduce myself, I have been using FileMaker for number of years now and I work in a school where I have designed and put together individual e-portfolios for my students.

Each pupil has his own individual FileMaker file for his e-portfolio, it is not link to a large database enabling my pupils to take away a standalone version of their work.

The issue I have no problems in printing one layout into a PDF at 80%, I have done some scripting but I really out of my depth at the moment.

I would like to print all layouts into a single PDF file which I can send to the awarding body enabling them to check pupils evidence in their e-portfolio.

There is an additional issue in some layouts I have got a tab area which has a number of tabs which also needs to be saved as PDFs?.

Sample of layouts

To download one of the E portfolios click on the link below:

Username : admin9999

Password : admin9999


Your help and guidance would be gratefully appreciated look forward to hearing from you