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Print dialog box changes

Question asked by HB on Apr 26, 2011


Print dialog box changes


I made a script dictating how many pages areto be printed depending on data related to a record


if [$copies=1]

print[restore:\\printernm;no dialog]

end if

if [$copies=2]

print[restore:\\printernm;no dialog]

end if

& the qty is appropriately set in each dialog box

it works for a couple weeks, but suddenly it doesn't & now when I check the dialog boxes - they are all set to 1 qty?!!!?

Whats changing it?  A manual chnge to the dialog box???

Is there a better method?

( in the script I print certain qty of a full page layout to a full page printer then a diff qty of a single label on a label printer using a smaller layout, qty anywhere between 1 & 100 but usually less than 10)

Thanks very much