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Print Envelopes w/o Changing Page Setup?

Question asked by NancyatUCM on Nov 6, 2014
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Print Envelopes w/o Changing Page Setup?


I print  3 - 10 thank you letters and envelopes at a time from FM Pro layouts, but have to change back & forth between both letter/envelope and landscape/portrait for each printing.  Its tedious, frustrating & wasteful if you forget to change it, and after a few letters all the clicking back & forth starts to make your head spin. Tried to do a work-around layout that would print my address sideways in the right spot for the envelope, but it seems only a Japanese character can be printed sideways with FileMaker Pro11.0 v4. My printer is a Brother HL-5370DW. I prefer printing on envelopes rather than using labels, as its slightly more personal and formal.  Any suggestions?  It would be a HUGE help!