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    Print execution indicator



      Print execution indicator


      Hi there.

      In my health practice database I have created a form letter that advises referral agents that their patients have contacted me for services. When I have all of the referral agent's contact info I click a button and the letter prints. I don't always have enough iinformation to send a letter, meaning that I will send one for some patients but not others.


      Is there a way to create some sign or indicator (eg, an icon, a radio button) that the letter has already been printed so I don't do it twice?




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          Simply add a field and use a script to both print your letter and update the field to show that it has been printed. I'd use a date or time stamp field and update it whith the current date or time stamp so that I can not only show that the letter was printed, but can show when it was printed.


          If your button already performs a script when it prints the letter, all you'll need to do is define your field and then insert one of the following two steps into your print script:


          Set Field [tablename::LetterPrintedTimeStampField; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )]
          Set Field [tablename::LetterPrintedDateField; Get ( CurrentDate )]

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            Thanks very much Phil.

            Enjoy your weekend.